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the outbreak of carro

the outbreak of carro

With the breath suspended for the good outcome of the event This singular manifestation has ancient origins. Its birth to the crusades in Saint Earth must from which the paschal custom is diffused to distribute the Saint fire to the people fiorentino. It was only later on that a wagon like means for the transport of the fire was introduced that burned on a tripode. Today the wagon comes transported for the day of Passover from buoi white men from the large square of the Prato until the Dome of Florence and a iron thread is stretched to it that joins it to the greater altar. Along saying thread it comes installed a Colombina that door in the olive tree spout a ramoscello and that has the task to slip towards the wagon with the ignited fuse in order to set afire contained fires of artifice on it. The tradition wants that if the explosion turns out perfect, for Florence a positive year is preannounced

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