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the archaeology in poggio colla

the archaeology in poggio colla

Poggio Glue is an easy path forward to walking and mountain biking through the Sieve of Ponte a Vicchio, the path along the main road leading to continuing Dicomano for that road for about 1 km you will come to a crossroads where we must turn to the right along a dirt path towards Pimaggiore. Upon reaching an old church continue to the right until you reach a small group of houses along the bank of a pond. At the height of steep uphill journey continues on the left leaving a house, through a grove and after 300 m. Can be reached about a yard, from this point on the path towards the left through the woods and reaching the summit of the hill where the famous archaeological excavations at Poggio Colla. The first excavations were carried out in 1968 by Dr. Francis Nicosia, and then continued in the following years, the area is rich in Etruscan testify that the rich past of these lands. Continuing our itinerary back on the path earlier, falling down, after a while 'we abandon this path to follow another, passing right in front of a house and continue our descent. Coming to a dirt road and turning to the right back to Ponte Vicchio

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