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travel museums of mugello

travel museums of mugello

MUSEUMS OF MUGELLO Historic-Artistic ITINERARY: Museum Manifattura Chini - Villa Pecori Girali, Borgo San Lorenzo Museum of quinine where the beautiful decorations of the villa, taking the upper hand on almost the entire show. ITINERARY Mussale di Sant'Agata: Collection of sacred art - Sant'Agata, Scarperia Documentation Centre archaeological Sant'Agata artisan and peasant of Leporino, the museum has been set up in the Compagnia di San Jacopo. ITINERARY Demo-Ethno-Anthropological: Museo della Pietra Serena - La Rocca, Firenzuola An interesting museum set up in the ditch Rocca, welcomes visitors with sculptures and works in stone of modern artists. ITINERARY Demo-Ethno-Anthropological: Museum Ferri Taglienti - Palazzo dei Vicari, Scarperia A museum curious that of irons sharp, the path begins with the history of these objects in the daily life of human beings. ITINERARY Demo-Ethno-Anthropological: Museum of civilization House Erci - Grezzano, Borgo San Lorenzo A living museum that comes alive with visitors, in this environment people interact with objects and objects "remember" their old duties. Archaeological ITINERARY: Museum of Archeology Mugello - Palace of the Captains, Palazzuolo sul Senio Classic archaeological museum, the path is divided between the evolution of human prehistory ancient cultural and appearance. Historic-Artistic ITINERARY: Museum of Sacred Art and popular religiosity Beato Angelico - Vicchio This new museum was born to make works of art and symbolic aspect of religiosity. Nature ITINERARY: Museum historic landscape dell'Appennino - Abbey Mosque, Firenzuola Museum multi-perceptual, cognitive and perceptual experience of the world's natural landscape Appenninico mugellano. ITINERARY Demo-Ethno-Anthropological: Museum of vine and wine - Villa Poggio Reale, Rufina A path that starts since avenue of access to the Villa Poggio Reale.

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