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food mugellana

food mugellana

The culinary tradition of Mugello is one of the most simple and particularly Tuscany, in fact the main ingredients that are always applicants are those known as "the poor", chestnuts, potatoes and the game. With these few ingredients nations Mugello created those dishes "poor" which are now much sought after, the mass wants to rediscover the old flavors. Among the best-known dishes note fried tortellini, castagnaccio, tortelli potatoes with wild boar sauce or duck meat and still mugellane, among which the famous steak remind high of cattle, the Florentine. Not to forget the Pecorino are obtained from the milk of sheep and processed by the wise hands of pastors, truffles gold of the forest, Porcini mushrooms also a treasure of undergrowth oil, wine and honey. The truffle gold of undergrowth, is a real opportunity for the area and many other Mugello in Tuscany and of Italy. Besides being a product much appreciated for its culinary goodness and its rarity has unwittingly created a protection undergrowth. The truffle, the tuber strange besides being a true rarity of the wood is a product that is very sensitive needs of certain environmental conditions to develop. This particular condition, makes the truffle hunters, with all safeguard their forces undergrowth and the special flora of these lands.

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